In Hawai`i, the “anthurium capital of the world”, these tropical beauties are available year round. Anthurium, meaning “tail” flower, refers to the many tiny true flowers that form the yellow tail-like spadix. Also known as The Heart of Hawai`i, anthurium are perfect for any occasion.


Exotic Hawaiian anthurium are known for their exceptionally long vase life. Depending on the variety and season, Hawai`i’s Anthurium can retain its straight-from-the-tropics freshness for up to 2 weeks and more. They range in color from vibrant red and orange to subtle pastels. The “obake” anthurium has exquisite multicolored hues and newer tulip shaped anthurium cultivars are becoming increasingly popular. Hardy and vivid, anthurium are perfect for any occasion and specially suited for the bright lights of wedding photo sessions. CARE AND HANDLING FOR OPTIMUM VASE LIFE

  • Unpack anthurium immediately.
  • Trim 1/2 inch to an inch off the base of the stem.
  • Submerge entire flower for 15 minutes in 60 to 80 degree water.
  • Place anthurium in a container of clean water.
  • Avoid storing anthurium at temperatures lower than 55 degrees F. or in direct sunlight.
The following tips from Hawaii’s tropical flower experts will help you make the most of the astonishing anthurium.
  • Purchase flowers when the spadix — the tail-like part, which is actually a protruding floral cluster —has 75 percent open miniature flowers. You’ll know the anthurium is mature when the spadix changes color from a yellowish/off-white to white and its surface becomes rougher.
  • Unpack the flowers immediately — and carefully. Creasing or folding the heart-shaped part of the flower will cause the injured areas to darken.
  • Trim 1/2 to an inch off the stems, being careful not to mash them. If the flowers are wilted or flaccid upon unpacking, submerge whole flowers for 10 to 15 minutes in 70 to 80 degrees F water.
  • Place the flowers in a clean vase — and one that contains clean water (with or without a floral preservative). Avoid storing anthurium at temperatures lower than their ideal —55 degrees F— for any length of time. This way you’ll reduce the likelihood of a chilling injury, which causes the flower to darken.


  • Recut stems once.
  • Use clean water - with or without a floral preservative.
  • Keep flowers away from heat sources and drafts.

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New Pahoa Red
Princess Lily
Hearts Desire
Star Light
Harmony Red
Mickey Mouse Red  
Kalapana Red
Marian Seefurth
Melody Pink
Paradise Pink
Flamingo Pink
Rising Sun
Lime Light
Tropic Mist
New Pahoa White
Peach Obake
Anuenue Obake
Madame Pele Obake
Kalapana Obake
Tatsuta Obake
Oshiro Obake
Tropic Sunrise
Rainbow Obake
Coral Obake
Mauna Loa Obake
Mickey Mouse W/ Green
Hawaiian Butterfly
Speckle Butterfly
Purple Arc Tulip
Lavendar Lady Tulip
Lady Jane Tulip
Calypso Tulip
Tropic Fire Tulip
Ami Tulip
Lady Ann Tulip
Tropic Lime Tulip
Large Dark Pink Tulip
Large Lt. Pink Tulip
White / Green Tulip
Cassie Tulip
Sister Grace Tulip
Lady Ann Tulip Lav. Nose
Snowball Tulip